Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still rolling, July 2017: 71500 miles and counting

This is Cape Cornwall. Ruby rode here through torrential rain and fog, no hesitation, no problems. It's the English summer time! Ideal for camping.

I had a broken write to repair before I set of though: my neutral light had been intermittent for some time so I chose to investigate whilst replacing yet another headlight bulb. It's a bit of a pain getting inside the instruments but I'm pleased I did. The feed wire to the neutral light had fractured inside the insulation about 2cm from the connector. I had just enough room to solder in a short new section without having to strip back the loom wrapping. Now I get a lovely green glow every time I select neutral.

Cape Cornwall is a national trust beach and fishing jetty. Very dramatic jagged rocks between stark headlands. Nothing more in the way from there but Atlantic ocean before North America.

My records show I've ridden 10,000 miles on Ruby since this time last year. Not bad for a pair of antiques 😊

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter trip to Wales

Ruby took Rory and i to the edge of the Brecon beacons this Easter. The trip was not far but all avoiding motorways and outing for back roads as much as we could. We did use the motorway briefly​ to ride the old Severn bridge to Chepstow because it's epic. Then B roads up to Monmouth. Really beautiful in early spring.

We enjoyed a couple of days camping, and walking up Skirrid Fawr and Sugar Loaf mountain.
Approaching Sugar Loaf peak

Spectacular views from Sugar Loaf
It felt as though we could see right over to the lost lands

Ruby has 68300 miles under her belt now. Still going strong, giving the lie to her 26 years. She coped with us six-footers and camping gear with relish.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Run for the Wintry Sun

I've Probably written this before but I do remember wondering what had happened to bloggers I'd followed for their rebuilds and then  gone quiet. 

Ruby is still used most week days and for the odd big trip.  this weekend is just such an occasion.  We headed off in fog, heading down to the deepest south west, via Glastonbury through the Black Down Hills to Taunton and near Exeter in Devon. 

December sunset, jurassic  coast 
The days are damp and short now we are towards the end of December. I ride with many jumpers, thermal ,  scarf.  hard to breath st times :-)

Ruby runs very well,  smooth and creamy power delivery in this weather.  I'm using high octane fuel the whole time now to make starting as easy as possible.  that's maybe contributing to the way she is running when up to temperature.

Ride safe,  all who read this,  and may 2017  be a great year for you and all our fellow travellers on planet Earth