Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alternative oil cooler for Trophy 1200 from Sprint RS 955i - Part One

Although I put a lot of effort into cleaning up and painting the original five-row cooler, I am not sure if the oil couplings will hold so want a spare on hand in case they leak. It's not easy to find second-hand coolers in good condition, even though they were fitted to all the faired 900 models, because they are mounted low behind the front wheel and so are vulnerable to attack by grit and spray. On top of that, the 1200 Trophies were given larger seven-row coolers some time in 1992 because they run hot in traffic. I thought it would be as well to do something similar. 

Both early and late coolers are mounted via banjo bolts and so can be plumbed in. However, the seven-row cooler is mounted with couplings on the top edge whereas the five-row cooler is mounted with couplings on the bottom edge. As a result, the later 1200s have much longer feed and return pipes. Also, the subframe for the seven-row cooler is considerably taller and has different brackets for fixing the cooler in place. Some inventiveness would thus be required here. Just my thing!  Unfortunately, these large coolers are hard to find now and prohibitively expensive new. Fortunately, after looking at lots of other Triumphs I think I found a partial solution in the form of the cooler fitted to 2000 Sprint RS 955i. 

The 2000 Sprint RS 955i is also fitted with a seven-row cooler via banjo bolts and has a similar width to the 1200 Trophy. It is also mounted at the bottom edge. The 955i is a more recent model parts are still in plentiful supply in reasonable condition. The bolt holes for mounting it are different however so a special bracket would be needed  - something I'm comfortable doing. The photos show how that the Sprint cooler is taller (by about 1 1/4 inch), wider (by about 1 inch) and thicker (by about 1/4 inch).

The original 1200 feed and return oil pipes fitted with replacement rubber sections and temporarily bolted in place on the Sprint RS seven-row cooler.